Study Skills & Exam Techniques


SMART STUDY - use your limited time wisely


Effective studying does NOT mean endless hours spent in a frustrated search for understanding - OR passively reading. It involves actively digging in and mastering course material.
It might even mean a REDUCTION in time spent studying !!!
It is said that effective study is made up of 5% inspiration and 95% effective organisation and productive use of time.
Inspirational Video - "The Value of Time" - (warning video contains flashing images)


Your School Journal


Follow the advice on Time Management Skills outlined in your school journal - by planning your study time efficiently you will create more FREE TIME.
Use the Study Skills techniques - they help you to learn and retain the material you study.
Goal setting is proven to be one of the most effective aids to achieving success.Set specific times for each goal.
Use the Memory Matrix tool in planning and organising your study revision and you will avoid having to "cram" at exam time !


The BITE / JCSP Study Skills Booklet

Believe BITE Study Clubs JCSP

You can access a copy of the BITE / JCSP Student Study Guide here which can assist you in organising and planning your study programme. There is advice on how to study effectively and the successful methods of learning and retaining the material you study. There are also tips on successful revision methods and examination techniques.

It is in easy to follow sections -

Invest the time NOW and learn how to get the most out of your studying - it will SAVE you time in the end.