Second Level

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BITE/ Trinity Comprehensive High Achievers Hub –
funded by Dublin North West Area Partnership (DNWAP)/ SICAP

This initiative is being led and co-ordinated by BITE and has worked in collaboration with Trinity Comprehensive, Margaret Aylward and Pobalscoil Rosmini. Through the development of hubs, high achieving students are supported and encouraged to study subjects in order to sit the state examination papers at higher level. Subjects include Maths, Irish and Science.
In the 2018-19 academic year, Hub students attended a study skills course to assist them in preparing for exams.
The Higher Achievers’ Hub is funded by Dublin North West Area Partnership (DNWAP / SICAP).

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UCD Trip supervised study DCU Science


Supervised Study Clubs

BITE runs supervised study clubs for Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle students. Students are provided with study resources and a quiet place to complete their homework and study with the support of a supervisor. Guidance is given around creating a study plan,study skills,time management and exam tips.

student awards supervised study DCU Science

Study clubs at a junior level are funded by Dublin North West Area Partnership (DNWAP / SICAP).
Senior cycle study clubs are funded by the Maureen Smithwick Scholarship.

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DCU Voluntary Maths Tuition Programme

MathsTuition MathsTuition MathsTuition

BITE is the lead agent in this joint initiative with DCU Access Service and DCU Maths Learning Centre. This Maths tuition programme is open to all year groups. Volunteer DCU Maths tutors are recruited through the DCU Maths Learning Centre and provide Maths tuition to second level students for one hour on selected Wednesday afternoons. This will take place again in the 2019-2020 school year.

Subject Tuition

subject tuition

BITE organises extra tuition in a wide range of subjects. This list includes Gaeilge, French, History, Business, Science, Biology, Engineering, English and Home Economics. We recruit volunteer tutors through a range of agencies , including DCU, past BITE graduates and retired teachers.

STEM – ESB Energy for Generations

BITE supports STEM subjects and activities and provides a suite of tuition and events which are funded by ESB Energy for Generations STEM Programmes. In order to encourage interest in STEM subjects, we provide activities which range from biodiversity to space exploration; this ensures that there is a STEM topic to capture the interest of each of our students.

Junior Cycle Higher Level Maths Programme

MathsTuition MathsTuition MathsTuition

Our Maths programme provides support to junior cycle students in first, second and third year with the ability to study higher level Maths. In the 2018-19 school year, these students attended extra Maths tuition after school once a week with a qualified teacher. Tuition focuses on improving problem solving abilities, algebra and overall understanding of maths and science theorems.

TY Maths Programme


A number of students in transition year have an interest in studying higher level Maths in senior cycle. A weekly maths class was arranged after school for these students so that they could start the fifth year Maths curriculum.

Young Scientist of the Year


The STEM programme allowed for our junior cycle students to attend the Young Scientist of the Year exhibition in the 2018-19 academic year. Students were inspired to think about their own potential projects.

Biodiversity Programme


BiodiversityAs part of the BITE Biodiversity Programme, second year students visited the Re-Discovery Centre in Ballymun to participate in a workshop. Each week, tuition was held with a qualified teacher where students strengthened their Biodiversity understanding and applied knowledge from their curriculum to practical skills. The programme focused on nature, wildlife, bee conservation and sustainable living.

Space Programme


StarDome Jan 2019
Students across all years attended Space Week in DCU.

Cork’s Blackrock Observatory brought their StarDome to visit BITE students.


The BITE / Maureen Smithwick Academic Scholarship

Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship

There is a senior cycle academic scholarship with the aim of providing students attending Trinity Comprehensive School with financial, educational and motivational supports to progress to Third Level education.

Senior Cycle Maths Support

Maths tuition

BITE provides support to students in the senior cycle with the ability to study higher level Maths. Leaving cert students attend higher level Maths classes and workshops provided by BITE. Ordinary level students are also supported so that they may achieve a high grade in their state examinations. BITE provides classes and workshops to ordinary level students as well as higher level. These programmes are funded by the Maureen Smithwick Scholarship.

Senior Cycle Irish Support


Mock oral examinations are provided to leaving cert students; the orals are highly beneficial for leaving cert preparation.
Fifth year students are awarded a Gaeltacht scholarship and attend Colaiste Chonnacht in Galway for two weeks during the summer.
Sixth year students participate in a weekly extra Irish class.
These activities are funded by the Maureen Smithwick Scholarship.

College Access Programmes and Campus Activities


Bite liaises with the Trinity Comprehensive Career Guidance team and College Access Services in giving second level students the opportunity to participate in a variety of college taster activities. Our main link institution is DCU and students participate in a wide range of activities which encourage academic achievement and give them a taste of college life. Our scholarship students also participate in activities in other universities including UCD, DIT, TUD, TCD, NUIM and DKIT.

  • DCU Achievement Awards
  • DCU Shadowing Day
  • Discover DCU Programme
  • DCU UFirst
  • DCU Science and Maths workshops
  • DCU Centre
  • DKIT college visits
  • for Talented Youth and Centre for Academic Talent summer programmes
  • DKIT college visits
  • NUIM college visits
  • TNUIM college taster summer programmes
  • TCD visits
  • TCD Trinity Access Programme talk
  • TUD Hear / Dare talks
  • TUD visits

National College of Ireland Discover University Summer Programme


There is a tradition of a group of 2nd year, Transition Year and 5th year students attending the National College of Ireland Discover University Summer School for a week each June.It involves a mix of academic taster programmes in their core subject areas of Business, Marketing, HR, Computing, Multimedia, along with a range of fun and challenging extra curricular activities such as drama and sports.


Student Grant and College Access Route Support

BITE supports Leaving Certificate students to apply for the Higher Education Access Route, the Trinity Access Programme, the IT Blanchardstown Reach Programme , TUD Foundation & Access Programme and SUSI, the student grant. BITE offers information, support and advocacy around gathering the required supporting financial documentation and will continue to support students around the application process during the Summer months and after CAO offers.