Recent Events & BITE Outings

Sixth year students Maths Workshop Easter mid-term 2019

AIB Feb 2019 During the Easter midterm, AIB volunteers hosted a Maths workshop with sixth year students. The volunteers helped students practice their exam papers and helped them work out and solve difficult questions. The workshop was very beneficial and students are feeling more confident for their exams.

Fifth year students visited Trinity College in April 2019

Maynooth’s Open Day April 2019 Maynooth’s Open Day April 2019 Maynooth’s Open Day April 2019

Fifth year students were delighted to tour the campus and take in all of Trinity’s sights and history. Staff of TAP treated students to a fantastic and informative day where they met ambassadors and learned about courses on offer to them. They also visited The Book of Kells and the Long Room Library before visiting National museums in the city as part of an educational tour.

Maynooth’s Open Day April 2019


In early April, fifth and sixth year students were invited to participate in Maynooth’s Open Day. Maynooth ambassadors met with our students to offer a tour of the campus and provide them with information about the college. Students were provided with lots of ideas and possibilities about what they might study.

Biodiversity Programme April 2019


Biodiversity Programme April 2019 Perseus the pygmy hedgehog visited BITE students in early April to launch the BITE Biodiversity Programme. Students learned about hedgehogs, their likes, dislikes and habits. Perseus helped students understand about eco systems and how diverse all creatures are. They also learned about rescue animals. The Biodiversity Programme is a weekly class that will take place with our second years. Students will have an opportunity to further their understanding of their science curriculum and apply it to real life skills such as growing plants and vegetables. Second year students are discovering the difference that one person can make to the environment and are becoming empowered to change our environment and planet for the better.

ReDiscovery Centre Ballymun - Biodiversity

Biodiversity Biodiversity Biodiversity

Biodiversity In March, second year students visited the ReDiscovery Centre in Ballymun where they learned about diversity in nature, bee conservation, recycling and ecology. The workshop was very enjoyable for students and they were enthralled by all they heard; they particularly enjoyed their time discovering life in the Centre’s pond. Students are looking forward to their next visit.

Sixth year students maths workshop February 2019

AIB Feb 2019 BITE organised Volunteers from AIB to host a maths workshop for some of our sixth year students during the February mid-term break. Students received help with exam papers and prepared for their Leaving Cert exam.

Fifth year MSB students visited Dundalk IT in February 2019


Fifth year MSB students visited Dundalk IT in February. DKIT Feb 2019 As always, they were made to feel very welcome by the team in Dundalk. Students received talks from lecturers in Business and Humanities and Science. A tour of the campus followed where our students were brought to the science, arts and nursing buildings. The day with Dundalk was informative and enjoyable and our students found a wide range of courses that they wish to pursue.

The StarDome comes to BITE - January 2019.

StarDome Jan 2019 StarDome Jan 2019

The StarDome from Blackrock Observatory, Co. Cork visited BITE in January 2019. Students learned all about the stars, our solar system and galaxies. Each year group received a different talk in the StarDome as they watched the sky above from sunrises to eclipses. It was an incredible experience and furthered students’ interest in space. Staff and students very much enjoyed the visit.

Study Skills workshop in January 2019


Study Skills W/S Jan 2019Third year students participated in a Study Skills workshop in January 2019 which was supported by Dublin Northwest Partnership Area. Our junior cert group learned about more efficient and productive ways of studying and now feel more prepared for their state examinations. The experience was very beneficial..

BITE - Junior Einsteins Workshop in January 2019

Junior Einsteins Jan 2019 Junior Einsteins Jan 2019 Junior Einsteins Jan 2019

We were delighted to welcome Junior Einsteins to BITE in January 2019. They hosted a fantastic science workshop for our first, second and third year students. Students were treated to a masterclass in slime making, smoke cannons and the Van Der Graff generator. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we look forward to having Junior Einsteins return.

Special BITE Activities Room 2018

Junior Einsteins Jan 2019 Junior Einsteins Jan 2019 Junior Einsteins Jan 2019

In December 2018, we unveiled our new classroom for BITE activities. We are very grateful to Trinity Comprehensive for donating the room to us and to IKEA for donating furniture and supplies. We are delighted to offer students a dedicated BITE space.

Space Week - DCU - October 2018

Space Week DCU October 2018 Space Week DCU October 2018 Space Week DCU October 2018

Space Week DCU October 2018 Fifth and sixth year students attended the launch of Space Week in DCU on the 4th of October. Students were welcomed by Claire O’Connell before hearing from DCU President, Prof. Brian MacCraith. Dr. Niall Smith spoke to the audience about careers in Space, followed by Shane Sutton’s presentation on space themed art. Students were fascinated by the keynote speaker, Dr. Matt and his work with Rosetta. Our students were delighted to meet the panel after the event and had a fantastic day.

School Ecology trip Dublin Zoo & Phoenix Park 11th of May 2018

Fifth year students participated in the School Ecology trip to Dublin Zoo and The Phoenix Park as part of Biology on the 11th of May. The group learned a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed their trip.

Fifth year students visited Trinity College - April 2018

Trinity College - April 2018 Trinity College - April 2018 Trinity College - April 2018

On Friday the 13th of April, our fifth year students visited Trinity College. They were given a tour of the campus and attended a talk with a former student about the options available to them. Students received a tour of the Book of Kells and the Long Room Library. The fifth years were amazed by the Library and thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Trinity. Following a visit to Trinity, students were taken on an educational visit to the National Art Gallery and the Natural History Museum. The group particularly enjoyed the visit to the Natural History Museum.

BITE / AIB Volunteer Programme - Easter 2018

AIB Easter 2018 Volunteers from AIB visited the School during the Easter mid-term break and offered maths tuition to our sixth year students. This was a great benefit to the students and they very much enjoyed the advice and guidance they received from the volunteers. We look forward to welcoming AIB volunteers back to the school.

BITE / AIB Volunteer Programme - February 2018 Mid-Term

AIB Feb 2018 AIB Feb 2018 Volunteers from AIB Headquarters very kindly offered maths tuition to our sixth year students. The students had a great morning and learned a lot. AIB staff assisted students with exam papers and helped them prepare for their Leaving Certificate. BITE very much looks forward to welcoming AIB volunteers back to the school in the coming weeks.


Exploring Options at Dundalk IT - 2018

Fifth year BITE students visited Dundalk IT on Friday the 2nd of February. The group very much enjoyed the visit, particularly touring the music studio facilities. Students met with lecturers from various departments and learned about the different courses and degrees on offer from Dundalk.

TAP Presentation - Monday 15th January 2018

Two ambassadors from Trinity College visited sixth year students and delivered a presentation on TAP. The students enjoyed the talk and found it very informative.

Scifest - Mahony Hall, DCU Friday May 5th

DCU Scifest 2017 ***click on image to see more photos ***
- Congratulations to Ms Henegan and the students from 2nd year Science class and Paul Imonopi who lead the project for qualifying to present their STEM "Rocket project " at Scifest in Dublin City University.

College Aware Week November 2016 - Awards May 10th 2017

College Awareness Week 2016 College Awareness Week 2016 College Awareness Week 2016

College Awareness Week 2016 The National College Aware Week awards ceremony was hosted in Trinity College Dublin. BITE has been selected as an award recipient for the events organised in 2016 ! - photo shows Michelle King accepting the award.
There were over 1200 events logged on the and the BITE events stood out as impactful and innovative.
"Congratulations to BITE for helping to spread the word that having a post-secondary plan is both important and achievable from the CAW team! " - Kathleen O’Toole-Brennan, Programmes Manager, Trinity Access Programmes (TAP)

UniTY Awards 2017 took place Tuesday 2nd May 2017

NCI April 2017 NCI April 2017 NCI April 2017

This years UniTY Awards 2017 took place in The Theatre in The Helix on DCU Campus between 11am and 1pm. The awards for projects in Smart Skills and Multmedia recognize achievements of TY students participating in the programme.

DCU Coding Classes - April 2017

DCU Coding April 2017 Conor Phelan, Frank Ajoc and Dylan Whelan are attending Coding Classes in DCU over the Easter break (Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 April). Thanks to DCU Access for organising these workshops. .

5th Year Scholarship Group visit NCI - April 2017

NCI April 2017 NCI April 2017 NCI April 2017

5th year scholarship group visit NCI on Monday 3rd April. Karen Campbell gave us a great talk on course options and entry routes in NCI and also organised a really interesting taster talk in Psychology. A big thank you to Karen and all in NCI!

5th Year Scholarship Group visit TCD - April 2017

DCU Scifest 2017 ***click on image to see more photos ***
- 5th year scholarship group also visited TAP and TCD on Monday 3rd April – a really informative and inspiring visit. Thanks to Michelle O’Kelly from TAP for organising and to Gary and Mark for telling us all about Trinity options and showing us around this beautiful campus.

Smart Skills module -DCU Access Unity Programme 28th March 2017

DCU Access Unity Mar 2017 DCU Access Unity Mar 2017 DCU Access Unity Mar 2017

A transition year group from Trinity Comprehensive School have been working on a Smart Skills module from the DCU Access UniTY programme. This module has given students the opportunity to build fully functional android apps using the MIT App Inventor platform. Thanks to Ms Henegan and Ms Walsh for working with the group and to Gerry Kelly from DCU Access for all his support.

Mulitmedia Workshop - DCU - 23rd March 2017

DCU MultiMedia Mar 2017 DCU MultiMedia Mar 2017 DCU MultiMedia Mar 2017

Students participating in the DCU UniTY Multimedia project have been back to DCU for two more editing workshops and five groups have completed short videos highlighting a range of topics including cyberbulling, mental health and special needs education. Well done to the students who completed their projects and a huge thank you to Darran Heaney in DCU Access and all the Multimedia Student Volunteers. It has been a great opportunity for our student to develop new skills, visit DCU campus and interact with students.

DCU Scifest Project Work - March 2017

DCU Scifest 2017 BITE and Ms Henegan 2nd year Science class has submitted two group projects to DCU Scifest which will take place on Friday 5th May 2017
***click on image to see more photos ***
- Team 1 (Josh Murnane, James Donoghue and James O’Brien) are working on a rocket project and Team 2 (Karl Ormsby, Caithlin Carrie and Chloe Behan) are testing the effects of energy drinks. Thanks to DCU Access and Dr. Nora Lieggi for facilitating brainstorming sessions with the class. Also a big thank you to Paul Imonopi for leading the projects and working with the groups after school.

BITE / AIB Volunteer Programme - February 2017 Mid-Term

DCU MultiMedia Feb 2017 DCU MultiMedia Feb 2017 DCU MultiMedia Feb 2017

BITE Leaving Cert Scholarship and study club students had the opportunity to practice exam paper questions with AIB volunteers from the Risk Analytics Team in Ballsbridge over February mid-term break. This was really useful in run up to their mock exams and a big thank you once again to Mark and his team for facilitating us once again.

Mulitmedia Workshop - DCU - 14th February 2017

DCU MultiMedia Feb 2017 DCU MultiMedia Feb 2017 DCU MultiMedia Feb 2017

A group from Transition Year who are completing a Multimedia project as part of DCU Access UniTY programme visited DCU on 14th February to complete a workshop. Students worked in four different groups to produce short videos with a Valentine’s Day theme. Each group was supported by a DCU Multimedia student. Our students really enjoyed the experience, learned loads and produced great videos over the course of the morning.
Students have been filming their own videos and now have a much better idea on what they need to complete their projects. We will be back into DCU on 24th March to edit their footage. Thanks to Darran Heaney and his team for all their support and hosting us in DCU – a great way to spend Valentine’s Day!

Exploring Options at Dundalk IT - 30th January 2017

College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality

The 5th year BITE Scholarship and selected study club participants visited Dundalk IT on 30th January.
A great option for our students with a direct bus from Whitehall to their campus and a great range of courses. A huge thank you to the Access Officer Eileen Lynch and all the staff at DKIT for showing us around their campus and making us so welcome.

Study Skills Workshop - 23rd January 2017

College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality

Kevin from Student Enrichment Services was back for a second visit on 23rd January to give our 1st and 2nd year students some advice around how to manage their work, keep organised and stay on top of their homework and study. We got great feedback from students and workshop was really practical with good tips and motivation on how to reach your potential in school. Well done to all our students who were very attentive and participated very well in all activities.

Annual Trinity Comprehensive Careers Fair - 18th January 2017

College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality

The annual Trinity Comprehensive Careers fair was held on 18th January with a wide range of careers represented. Thanks to Kevin, Edel and all the Volunteers from Young Horizons for relating their experiences on their various professions to our students. Also to all the Universities, Access Services and Colleges of Further Education for taking the time to attend at this busy time of year. A great success as always and very valuable opportunity to assist our Leaving Cert students in researching their options.

Apprenticeship Fair 30th November 2016

Organised by DNWAP in the Finglas Youth Resource Centre to showcase the availability of Apprenticeships and Traineeships and raise awareness about the wider career options that exist.
Apprenticeship Fair 2016 Showcasing opportunities in Mechanics, Engineering, Culinary Skills, Construction, the Motor Industry, Aircraft Maintenance, Hair Dressing, IT support, Carpentry, Interior Design, Equestrian positions, Legal Administration, 2D and 3D CAD operation, Software Development, Graphic Design and more...
Attendees were able to explore Apprenticeships and Traineeships through a combination of information stands from industry representatives, apprentices, employers and support services as well as skills demonstrations and exhibitions in the chosen apprenticeship fields.
Exhibitors include Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Construction Industry Federation (CIF), Society for the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) as well as representatives from the Hospitality, Insurance and Accounting fields amongst others. A range of employers (SISK, ESB, Lufthansa etc.) as well as current and past apprentices spoke to attendees about their career paths with a strong presence from local support agencies.
Our photo shows Pavel Gaidos and Dean Murray discussing career options in the Aircraft Industry with representatives from Luftansa Techniik at the Apprenticeship Fair.

International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership

Jake Caudill Jacob Caudill a student of Emory & Henry College in Virginia, USA, has been studying for the autumn semester at Dublin City University under above programme. As part of his placement Jake has been volunteering 15 hours a week with BITE during this period and has made a great contribution. Jake many thanks and best wishes for your future.


DCU Awards Nov 2016 ***click on image to see more photos ***
- Junior Cert Students were presented with awards in DCU

Award Category & Student Name
Exceptional :- Jamie Gallagher / Jamie Brannock / Katie Bermingham / Clare Duffy
Academic :- Yasmin Irwin / Kira Callaghan / Destiny Okonkwo / Favor Okonkwo
Sport :- Adam Bonnell / TJ Kiernan / Evan Caluseri
Arts/Culture :- Evan Byrne / Eddie Gately / Hannah Fowler / James Basnett / Karl Mooney
Community Spirit :- Caitlin Roddy / Dillon Riggs / Shane Dixon / Craig Rooney
Congratulations to all - well done !

National College Awareness Week 21-25 November2016

College Awareness Week 2016 College Awareness Week 2016 College Awareness Week 2016

College Awareness Week 2016 The aim of college aware week is to celebrate the benefits of going to college and to showcase role models who attend or have attended college. This is a nationwide campaign which aims to highlight the positive impact a college education has on a student’s personal and career development. Please log on to for more information. Our event took place in Trinity Comprehensive School with Transition Year and 5th year students. It followed a ‘speed dating’ format during which students had three minutes to talk to a diverse group of professionals who have completed a college course. We will also have some student volunteers from Dublin colleges participating. Thanks to all involved for making this a great success.

College Aware Week - Opportunities in Hospitality - November 2016

College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality College Aware Week 2016 Hospitality

Thanks to Natasha Kinsella, Regional Skills Forum Manager for the Dublin region for visiting our school during College Aware week to inform a group of senior cycle students about opportunities in the Hospitality Sector. Natasha was accompanied by staff from Jury’s Inn (Emma & Lisa) and the Merrion Hotel (Pavel) who gave us a great insight into their roles and associated college courses and training programmes.

Creative Writing Workshop Senior Cycle - November 2016

creative writing workshop 2016 creative writing workshop 2016 creative writing workshop 2016

Sheena Wilkinson, published author and Trinity Comprehensive patron, facilitated a Creative Writing Workshop for Senior students on Wednesday 9th November. We got great feedback from the fourteen students who participated. Thanks to Sheena who really got the creative juices flowing – some great story ideas emerged and it will really help students prepare for English Paper One. Thanks to Mr Kelly for hosting this event in the school library which is a lovely space for such a workshop. This was funded by the Maureen Smithwick Scholarship.

Preparing for May 2017 Scifest Project - November 2016

Scifest Project 2017 ***click on image to see more photos ***
Dr. Nora Lieggi facilitated an information session for 2 Aspen on the Scifest project which will be held in DCU on 5th May 2017. Nora outlined project details and assisted students with brainstorming ideas. Students are six teams of 2 to 6 students and will be supported by their teacher Ms Henegan and also participate in some BITE workshops after school with Paul after school to progress their ideas. Project ideas range from testing DNA to Rock Aerodynamics to fitness tests. Thanks to Nora, Sinead and Paul for working with the group during this initial session and we look forward to following projects through different stages of development.

Study and Exam Skills Workshop - October 2016

study and exam skills workshop 2016 study and exam skills workshop 2016 study and exam skills workshop 2016

BITE hosted a study and exam skills workshop for Junior and Senior cycle students on Friday 21st October. Thanks to Kevin from Student Enrichment Services for all his great advice and tips in preparing for the Junior and Leaving Cert exams.

AIB Volunteers Maths Quiz - October 2016

Maths Quiz October 2016 Maths Quiz October 2016 Maths Quiz October 2016

Thanks to AIB Volunteers from the Risk Analytics Team in Ballsbridge for hosting a Maths Quiz with our 2nd year group during Maths Week. After a pretty competitive hour Alana Clarke, Adam Ryan and Michael Whelan emerged as the victors. Well done to Brandon Kenna for a being nominated for the best participant prize. Thanks to Ms Healy for facilitating the quiz.

BITE DCU Maths Tuition 2016/2017

BITE DCU Maths Tuition 2016/2017 BITE DCU Maths Tuition 2016/2017 BITE DCU Maths tuition programme started for another academic year in October. University students are matched with a second level student and provide support and tuition with Maths topics and exam preparation. We have got off to a great start. Well done to all the students who have signed up and thanks to all our DCU Volunteers.

5th year students attend Zeminar - 13th October 2016

Zeminar 2016 Zeminar 2016 Zeminar 2016

Zeminar a new social enterprise created to bring all those invested in the development and well-being of young people in Ireland to one place. It is an event for Generation Z, particularly those aged between 15 and 20, and their parents, teachers, mentors and coaches. Zeminar is facilitating the introduction of young people to some of the best and most innovative organisations on this island. Events included workshops, influential speakers, essential resources and fun activities. The aim is for attendees to leave the event with new knowledge to help them live happier, safer, and more fulfilling lives.
For more event images click here .
Fourteen students from Trinity Comprehensive, 5th class, Stephanie Basnett ; Chloe Caulfield; Elanor Gallagher; Precious Okonkwo; Lauren Ormsby; Sean Tuke; Leigha O’Reilly Hughes; Kelly O’Gorman; Jessica Maguire; Ema Gusic; Rebecca Geraghty; Dillon O’Brien; Danka Gaidos; Jagoda Lada - attended the event.
***for more information click on "Zeminar" *** .

MSB Students visit Trinity College Campus 27/04/2016

5th years TCD visit 2016

The 5th year scholarship group visited Trinity College.
*** click image to see photos from the visit ***
We were shown around this beautiful campus, given a background to the history of the college and had the chance to visit the Book of Kells and Long Room. We also saw the Seanad Vote count in action. Thanks to Trinity Access Programme for facilitating this trip and explaining to us all the different options available for courses in TCD.

DCU - 1st Years' Maths Quiz - April 2016

Maths Quiz April 2016 Maths Quiz April 2016 Maths Quiz April 2016

Wednesday 6th April 2016 Ms Ruane brought the 1Aspen class, Trinity Comprehensive, to the 2016 DCU 1st year Maths Quiz. Two teams of 4 were selected to represent the class & participated in the Maths Quiz. The audience were also able to participate using their ipads. Everybody enjoyed the experience.

BITE/Trinity students trip to Hodges Figgis 15th March 2016

students visit Hodges Figgis students visit Hodges Figgis students visit Hodges Figgis

Students from 1Aspen and 2nd year students attending the Library Book Club went on a trip to Hodges Figgis, Wednesday 15th March, where they got to select a book of their choice (they were provided with book vouchers) and will participate in a Book Review Competition. Thanks to Mr. Kelly from the Library programme and to Michelle from BITE, for organising and coming on the trip and treating everyone in McDonalds afterwards. We will keep you posted on Competition winners.

STEPS Engineers Ireland - Engineers week (28 Feb – 5 March)
I'm an Engineer get me out of here !!!

Engineers week online Engineers week online Engineers week online

Trinity comprehensive students from 1Aspen took part in the I'm an Engineer, Get me out of here !!! run as part of Engineers Week to give students the chance to put their questions to real engineers, have live online-chats, and then vote for their favourite Engineer (with the chance to win €500 to spend on more STEM engagement).
Is an online X Factor-style competition between engineers, where the students are the judges. Students meet, interact with, and challenge the engineers over fast-paced online live CHATs.
There is a Space Zone, and a Coding Zone where students were able to ask anything they like to 5 different engineers working on space engineering or computer coding.

STEPS Engineers Ireland event for Engineers week (28 Feb – 5 March)
held in An Cosan Tallaght on 3/3/16

Accenture Girls in STEM 2016

Engineering for life from cradle to grave by David Price
***click on image to see photos from the event***
How can engineering let us see inside ourselves, make our lives safer, and push the boundaries of science? This exciting presentation, with lots of demonstrations and audience interaction, reveals how engineering improves our quality of life from before we’re born! Watch a live ultrasound scan, discover how engineers can 3D print a new hip joint, and even how we can preserve our bodies after death!

Students from 1 Aspen attended and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

BITE / AIB Volunteer Programme - Tuesday 16th February 2016

AIB volunteers Feb 2016 AIB volunteers Feb 2016 AIB volunteers Feb 2016

Volunteers - AIB staff members from the Risk Analytics Department - during February 2016 mid-term, provided pair / one to one tuition and advice to BITE Leaving Cert Scholarship students on how to approach & answer Leaving Cert Maths exam papers questions.

Accenture Girls in STEM Event ! held on January 28th 2016
in The Convention Centre, Spencer Dock.

click on image to see photos from the event

Accenture Girls in STEM 2016 The aim of the event
• Teach girls how interesting and fun STEM can be
• Open minds of students to taking up a career in STEM
• Raise the profile of STEM in Ireland
Accenture hosted 5 "Girls in STEM" events at locations in Dublin, London, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Manchester for 1800 girls.
They had the the chance to try their hand at coding, take part in workshops and hear from inspirational speakers from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) sector.
Congratulations to Leah Carey & Chloe Staunton who won 1st place in the morning Hackathon.
The events aim to encourage more girls into STEM subjects and careers. As an employer of STEM-based jobs, Accenture is committed to supporting the work the government is already doing to ensure we excite young people about careers in STEM.
Attendees:Rebecca Geraghty,Leigha O’Reilly,Chloe Caulfield,Stephanie Basnett,Jade Hyland,Elanor Gallagher,Precious Okonkwo,Larisa Voda,Danka Gaidos,Jasmin Cleary,Leah Carey,Katie Darcy,Chloe Staunton,Clara Langan,Alex Ciui,Carla Geary,

CAO applications - January 2016

CAO 2016 CAO 2016 CAO 2016

Leaving certificate students from Trinity Comprehensive completing their on-line CAO applications for 2016 college places - good luck to all involved!

Trinity Comprehensive Careers Fair January 2016

Careers Fair 2016 Careers Fair 2016 Careers Fair 2016

Trinity Comprehensive Career Guidance Service hosted their annual Careers Fair on Wednesday 13th January. Students had a great opportunity to explore their options in Universities and Colleges of Further Education. Young Horizons also were out in force with a diverse range of professionals who answered our students’ questions on careers options in their areas. We are very grateful to all who took time of work to participate. We also had representatives from the Risk Analytics Department of AIB bank who volunteer to get involved with BITE activities on an ongoing basis. Thanks to Sinead Moloney for assisting with the organisations and to all who participated in this event.

BT Young Scientists Exhibition January 2016

BT Young Scientists 2016 BT Young Scientists 2016 BT Young Scientists 2016

16 first year students (1 Aspen class) visited the BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2016 in the RDS on Friday 8th January 2016. Students enjoyed visiting the different school exhibitions and questioning students on their projects and findings. They had the opportunity to participate in interactive science / technology demonstrations and shows. Their favourite was the World of Robots show and the David Meade show . We hope they’ll be inspired to come up with their own project ideas and look forward to them participating in this excellent event in the future. Well done to all involved.

DCU Achievement Awards - December 2015

DCU Awards 2015 24 students from Trinity Comprehensive School received awards at the annual DCU Access Achievement Awards Ceremony on 10th December. Once again a great show was put on in the Helix with a great range of musical entertainment from participating schools. Well done to David Redmond, current 5th year student in Trinity Comprehensive for welcoming guests to the sounds of his piano entertainment. Students received awards in the following categories: Academic, Sport, Arts/Culture, Community Spirit and Exceptional Nomination. A special mention to Stephanie Hendrick, a current TY student who received a special individual award in the Music Category.

Junior Cycle Study Skills Workshop December 2015

JC Study Skills workshop Dec 2015 JC Study Skills workshop Dec 2015 JC Study Skills workshop Dec 2015

Ballymun Anseo SCP, Aisling Transitions Project and BITE worked collaboratively to organise this study skills workshop which was delivered to 30 Junior Cycle students on 2nd December. The workshop was facilitated by The Super Generation and gave students tips on managing their homework and study including advice on their learning styles, time management, mind maps and memory techniques. Thanks to Dublin North West Area Partnership for funding this workshop under their SICAP programme.

National College Awareness Week 23-27 November2015

College Awareness Week 2015 College Awareness Week 2015 College Awareness Week 2015

This is our second year hosting the ‘Speed Careers’ event which gives second level students a great opportunity to talk to a diverse range of university students and professionals about their education and career options. We had over 30 volunteers who shared their experiences with our students during this event held on 27th November which marked the end of College Aware week activities in the school. Over 100 second level students participated. A big thank you to all who participated and assisted with volunteer recruitment including Young Horizons, AIB, Perrigo, Trinity Access Programme (TAP) and DCU College Access Service. Thanks also to Joe Kelly, Trinity Comprehensive School Librarian for hosting the event in the school library.

5th Year's visit Dundalk IT 26th November 2015

5th Year's visit Dundalk 2015 5th Year's visit Dundalk 2015 5th Year's visit Dundalk 2015

Thanks for DKIT Access Officer Eileen Lynch for hosting a visit to their campus on the 26th November during College Aware week. Students from our 5th year scholarship and study group were shown around the campus and were really impressed with the friendly staff, great facilities and wide range of courses. Thanks to all the staff for taking the time to inform our students about the courses in the different schools and answer our students’ queries. It is great for our students to visit a college outside of Dublin which is very commutable and opens their eyes to the range of course options available. Thanks also to Brian Judge who is in Year 2Media Arts & Technologies for sharing with our students his experience of college.

BITE / AIB Volunteer Programme

BITE has a new partnership with a team of volunteers based in AIB Ballsbridge. Staff are being facilitated to support Maths activities co-ordinated by BITE for Trinity Comprehensive Students.

AIB volunteers AIB volunteers AIB volunteers

During Maths week two staff members from the Risk Analytics Department gave a series of talks about how they apply Maths in their job and the many ways we use Maths in everyday life outside of the classroom. During October Mid-term break 6 staff from AIB provided pair / one to one tuition to our group of BITE Leaving Cert Scholarship students. They linked in with Leaving Cert Maths teacher prior to the workshop to agree topics and practiced exam papers questions. Feedback from all involved was very positive and we hope to build on this new link to promote Maths, Numeracy and careers in Business and Finance sector in the future.
More volunteers are coming out to talk about their experience of education and career progression for College Aware week on 27th November.

BITE/ Trinity Comprehensive High Achievers Hub –
funding by Dublin North West Area Partnership (DNWAP)/ SICAP

This is a new initiative which is being led and co-ordinated by BITE and working in collaboration with Trinity Comprehensive, Margaret Alyward, Plunkett College and Pobalscoil Rosmini. The pilot programme is working with a group of fifteen 2nd and eighteen Junior Cert students with the aim of supporting and promoting academic achievement. Through the development of hubs high achieving students will be supported and encouraged to take higher level subjects and sit the higher state examination papers.Workshops and classes take place in Trinity Comprehensive School.
2nd year students are attending after school Maths classes, Science, Irish and History workshops. Junior Cert students have extra English, Maths and Irish classes with a number of Science, History and Creative Writing workshops. Both groups have attended study skills workshops - below is a selection of photographs of activities to date.

JC Irish workshop 21st October & Science workshop 27th October - 2015

Irish_workshop Irish_workshop JC_Science_Workhshop

Well done to all students participating – they have a great attitude and are also having fun in the process. Parents of participating students have also been very positive to the programme and we would like to thank them for getting on board with the programme.

for more information go to BITE High Achievers Hub Page

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