Recent Events & BITE Outings

Leaving Certificate Maths Workshop February 2020

AIB Feb 2020AIB Feb 2020 During the February mid-term break, volunteers from AIB visited our students for another maths workshop. The workshop was a great opportunity for students to practice exam questions and to work on topics that they found difficult. We very much appreciate the support from AIB and students found the workshop highly beneficial. We look forward to welcoming AIB again during the Easter break.

- BITE MSB students visit Dundalk IT February 2020

DKIT Feb 2020 Fifth year students visited DKIT in February. We were delighted to meet with Access Officer Eileen Lynch and her colleagues in the various college departments. Students were treated to a series of meetings and talks with the School of Business, School of Nursing and School of Informatics. Everyone had a lovely day in Dundalk and our students are very much hoping to start a degree course in DKIT in the future.

Rediscovery Centre Energy Workshop - January 2020

RediscoveryCentre Jan 2020Rediscovery Jan 2020 Second year students visited the Rediscovery Centre in January for an Energy workshop. They found the workshop very informative and learned all about the different types of energy that they use in their lives on a daily basis. Students very much enjoyed the practical activities such as building a wind turbine and working on their own hydro – energy project by creating a water wheel. As always, our experience in the Rediscovery Centre was fantastic.

Biodiversity Workshop - January 2020

RediscoveryCentre Dec 2019 RediscoveryCentre Dec 2019 RediscoveryCentre Dec 2019

In January, BITE third years visited the Rediscovery Centre for a workshop on Sustainable Living. Our students learned about energy, resources and the pillars of living sustainably. They were delighted to identify ways they could make a positive difference to our planet. The practical skills taught during the workshop were a particular favourite as students fixed a punctured wheel, changed a plug and learned to sew.

Biodiversity Workshop - December 2019

During December, BITE first year students attended a Biodiversity Workshop in the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun. Students enjoyed learning more about the environment and eco systems. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience, particularly exploring the grounds and learning about pond life.

College Aware Week - November 2019

CAW2019 CAW2019 CAW2019 CAW2019 CAW2019

CAW2019 BITE hosted a College Awareness event during College Awareness Week. We are very thankful to the seven colleges who visited us and provided a great deal of information and advice to our students across third year, transition year, fifth year and sixth year. Our students had a fantastic time and certainly feel more college aware.

BITE activities October 2019

The Higher Achievers’ Academic Hub started on the 2nd of October. Third year students are participating in extra Irish, Maths and Science. Students are already feeling the benefit and are more prepared and confident for their junior cert exams.

Five fifth year students have joined the UFirst Programme in DCU and are enjoying every minute of this fantastic opportunity to experience campus life and to learn from their peers in DCU.

Leaving Cert Maths Workshop

AIB Oct 2019We were thrilled to welcome volunteers from AIB to BITE during the October mid-term for a Maths Workshop. Our students worked on leaving cert exam questions with the mentors and increased their understanding of their curriculum. We are very grateful to AIB for their continued support.

BITE activities September 2019

Literacy Education Group from Sweden

During September BITE met with visitors from Vimmerby in south-east Sweden, who were very interested in learning about our BITE initiativies and activities. It was fantastic to showcase our programme and to hear about school life in Sweden.
Beata a teacher and Lena a school librarian, were here to discuss a project - students both here and in Vimmerby are currently writing poems under the guidance of writer Kevin Mc Dermott.
Vimmerby is most famous for being the home of Astrid Lindgren, the popular children’s author who created Pippi Longstocking.
Our thanks to Librarian Joe Kelly for organising the meeting. .

Homework Clubs

Homework clubs for all year groups commenced on the 16th of September. We’re delighted to welcome all students back to homework club and we’re very happy to welcome our new first year students.

Climate Concerns

BITE students took to the streets of Dublin City Centre on the 20th of September with other young people during the school climate strikes. Our students really enjoyed making their voice heard and had fantastic time interacting with others their own age in order to make a positive difference to the planet.

Sixth year students Maths Workshop Easter mid-term 2019

AIB Feb 2019 During the Easter midterm, AIB volunteers hosted a Maths workshop with sixth year students. The volunteers helped students practice their exam papers and helped them work out and solve difficult questions. The workshop was very beneficial and students are feeling more confident for their exams.

Fifth year students visited Trinity College in April 2019

Maynooth’s Open Day April 2019 Maynooth’s Open Day April 2019 Maynooth’s Open Day April 2019

Fifth year students were delighted to tour the campus and take in all of Trinity’s sights and history. Staff of TAP treated students to a fantastic and informative day where they met ambassadors and learned about courses on offer to them. They also visited The Book of Kells and the Long Room Library before visiting National museums in the city as part of an educational tour.

Maynooth’s Open Day April 2019


In early April, fifth and sixth year students were invited to participate in Maynooth’s Open Day. Maynooth ambassadors met with our students to offer a tour of the campus and provide them with information about the college. Students were provided with lots of ideas and possibilities about what they might study.

Biodiversity Programme April 2019


Biodiversity Programme April 2019 Perseus the pygmy hedgehog visited BITE students in early April to launch the BITE Biodiversity Programme. Students learned about hedgehogs, their likes, dislikes and habits. Perseus helped students understand about eco systems and how diverse all creatures are. They also learned about rescue animals. The Biodiversity Programme is a weekly class that will take place with our second years. Students will have an opportunity to further their understanding of their science curriculum and apply it to real life skills such as growing plants and vegetables. Second year students are discovering the difference that one person can make to the environment and are becoming empowered to change our environment and planet for the better.

ReDiscovery Centre Ballymun - Biodiversity

Biodiversity Biodiversity Biodiversity

Biodiversity In March, second year students visited the ReDiscovery Centre in Ballymun where they learned about diversity in nature, bee conservation, recycling and ecology. The workshop was very enjoyable for students and they were enthralled by all they heard; they particularly enjoyed their time discovering life in the Centre’s pond. Students are looking forward to their next visit.

Sixth year students maths workshop February 2019

AIB Feb 2019 BITE organised Volunteers from AIB to host a maths workshop for some of our sixth year students during the February mid-term break. Students received help with exam papers and prepared for their Leaving Cert exam.

Fifth year MSB students visited Dundalk IT in February 2019


Fifth year MSB students visited Dundalk IT in February. DKIT Feb 2019 As always, they were made to feel very welcome by the team in Dundalk. Students received talks from lecturers in Business and Humanities and Science. A tour of the campus followed where our students were brought to the science, arts and nursing buildings. The day with Dundalk was informative and enjoyable and our students found a wide range of courses that they wish to pursue.

The StarDome comes to BITE - January 2019.

StarDome Jan 2019 StarDome Jan 2019

The StarDome from Blackrock Observatory, Co. Cork visited BITE in January 2019. Students learned all about the stars, our solar system and galaxies. Each year group received a different talk in the StarDome as they watched the sky above from sunrises to eclipses. It was an incredible experience and furthered students’ interest in space. Staff and students very much enjoyed the visit.

Study Skills workshop in January 2019


Study Skills W/S Jan 2019Third year students participated in a Study Skills workshop in January 2019 which was supported by Dublin Northwest Partnership Area. Our junior cert group learned about more efficient and productive ways of studying and now feel more prepared for their state examinations. The experience was very beneficial..

BITE - Junior Einsteins Workshop in January 2019

Junior Einsteins Jan 2019 Junior Einsteins Jan 2019 Junior Einsteins Jan 2019

We were delighted to welcome Junior Einsteins to BITE in January 2019. They hosted a fantastic science workshop for our first, second and third year students. Students were treated to a masterclass in slime making, smoke cannons and the Van Der Graff generator. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we look forward to having Junior Einsteins return.

Special BITE Activities Room 2018

Junior Einsteins Jan 2019 Junior Einsteins Jan 2019 Junior Einsteins Jan 2019

In December 2018, we unveiled our new classroom for BITE activities. We are very grateful to Trinity Comprehensive for donating the room to us and to IKEA for donating furniture and supplies. We are delighted to offer students a dedicated BITE space.

Space Week - DCU - October 2018

Space Week DCU October 2018 Space Week DCU October 2018 Space Week DCU October 2018

Space Week DCU October 2018 Fifth and sixth year students attended the launch of Space Week in DCU on the 4th of October. Students were welcomed by Claire O’Connell before hearing from DCU President, Prof. Brian MacCraith. Dr. Niall Smith spoke to the audience about careers in Space, followed by Shane Sutton’s presentation on space themed art. Students were fascinated by the keynote speaker, Dr. Matt and his work with Rosetta. Our students were delighted to meet the panel after the event and had a fantastic day.

School Ecology trip Dublin Zoo & Phoenix Park 11th of May 2018

Fifth year students participated in the School Ecology trip to Dublin Zoo and The Phoenix Park as part of Biology on the 11th of May. The group learned a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed their trip.

Fifth year students visited Trinity College - April 2018

Trinity College - April 2018 Trinity College - April 2018 Trinity College - April 2018

On Friday the 13th of April, our fifth year students visited Trinity College. They were given a tour of the campus and attended a talk with a former student about the options available to them. Students received a tour of the Book of Kells and the Long Room Library. The fifth years were amazed by the Library and thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Trinity. Following a visit to Trinity, students were taken on an educational visit to the National Art Gallery and the Natural History Museum. The group particularly enjoyed the visit to the Natural History Museum.

BITE / AIB Volunteer Programme - Easter 2018

AIB Easter 2018 Volunteers from AIB visited the School during the Easter mid-term break and offered maths tuition to our sixth year students. This was a great benefit to the students and they very much enjoyed the advice and guidance they received from the volunteers. We look forward to welcoming AIB volunteers back to the school.

BITE / AIB Volunteer Programme - February 2018 Mid-Term

AIB Feb 2018 AIB Feb 2018 Volunteers from AIB Headquarters very kindly offered maths tuition to our sixth year students. The students had a great morning and learned a lot. AIB staff assisted students with exam papers and helped them prepare for their Leaving Certificate. BITE very much looks forward to welcoming AIB volunteers back to the school in the coming weeks.

Exploring Options at Dundalk IT - 2018

Fifth year BITE students visited Dundalk IT on Friday the 2nd of February. The group very much enjoyed the visit, particularly touring the music studio facilities. Students met with lecturers from various departments and learned about the different courses and degrees on offer from Dundalk.

TAP Presentation - Monday 15th January 2018

Two ambassadors from Trinity College visited sixth year students and delivered a presentation on TAP. The students enjoyed the talk and found it very informative.

Scifest - Mahony Hall, DCU Friday May 5th

DCU Scifest 2017 ***click on image to see more photos ***
- Congratulations to Ms Henegan and the students from 2nd year Science class and Paul Imonopi who lead the project for qualifying to present their STEM "Rocket project " at Scifest in Dublin City University.

College Aware Week November 2016 - Awards May 10th 2017


 CAW The National College Aware Week awards ceremony was hosted in Trinity College Dublin. BITE has been selected as an award recipient for the events organised in 2016 ! - photo shows Michelle King accepting the award.
There were over 1200 events logged on the and the BITE events stood out as impactful and innovative.
"Congratulations to BITE for helping to spread the word that having a post-secondary plan is both important and achievable from the CAW team! " - Kathleen O’Toole-Brennan, Programmes Manager, Trinity Access Programmes (TAP)

UniTY Awards 2017 took place Tuesday 2nd May 2017

NCI April 2017 NCI April 2017 NCI April 2017

This years UniTY Awards 2017 took place in The Theatre in The Helix on DCU Campus between 11am and 1pm. The awards for projects in Smart Skills and Multmedia recognize achievements of TY students participating in the programme.

DCU Coding Classes - April 2017

DCU Coding April 2017 Conor Phelan, Frank Ajoc and Dylan Whelan are attending Coding Classes in DCU over the Easter break (Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 April). Thanks to DCU Access for organising these workshops. .

5th Year Scholarship Group visit NCI - April 2017

NCI April 2017 NCI April 2017 NCI April 2017

5th year scholarship group visit NCI on Monday 3rd April. Karen Campbell gave us a great talk on course options and entry routes in NCI and also organised a really interesting taster talk in Psychology. A big thank you to Karen and all in NCI!

5th Year Scholarship Group visit TCD - April 2017

DCU Scifest 2017 ***click on image to see more photos ***
- 5th year scholarship group also visited TAP and TCD on Monday 3rd April – a really informative and inspiring visit. Thanks to Michelle O’Kelly from TAP for organising and to Gary and Mark for telling us all about Trinity options and showing us around this beautiful campus.

Smart Skills module -DCU Access Unity Programme 28th March 2017

DCU Access Unity Mar 2017 DCU Access Unity Mar 2017 DCU Access Unity Mar 2017

A transition year group from Trinity Comprehensive School have been working on a Smart Skills module from the DCU Access UniTY programme. This module has given students the opportunity to build fully functional android apps using the MIT App Inventor platform. Thanks to Ms Henegan and Ms Walsh for working with the group and to Gerry Kelly from DCU Access for all his support.

Mulitmedia Workshop - DCU - 23rd March 2017

DCU MultiMedia Mar 2017 DCU MultiMedia Mar 2017 DCU MultiMedia Mar 2017

Students participating in the DCU UniTY Multimedia project have been back to DCU for two more editing workshops and five groups have completed short videos highlighting a range of topics including cyberbulling, mental health and special needs education. Well done to the students who completed their projects and a huge thank you to Darran Heaney in DCU Access and all the Multimedia Student Volunteers. It has been a great opportunity for our student to develop new skills, visit DCU campus and interact with students.

DCU Scifest Project Work - March 2017

DCU Scifest 2017 BITE and Ms Henegan 2nd year Science class has submitted two group projects to DCU Scifest which will take place on Friday 5th May 2017
***click on image to see more photos ***
- Team 1 (Josh Murnane, James Donoghue and James O’Brien) are working on a rocket project and Team 2 (Karl Ormsby, Caithlin Carrie and Chloe Behan) are testing the effects of energy drinks. Thanks to DCU Access and Dr. Nora Lieggi for facilitating brainstorming sessions with the class. Also a big thank you to Paul Imonopi for leading the projects and working with the groups after school.

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