Important Upcoming dates 2020/2021

CAO 2021

CAO online application facility opens 5th November 2020.
Apply online to the CAO by 20th January 2021 (17:15) to avail of discounted application fee of €30. Normal closing date is 1st February 2021 (17:15).
*****Click on this link to see full Timetable of Events and Dates for CAO 2020*****

Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) 2021-22 &
Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) 2021-22

Apply online to CAO by 1st February 2021 (17:15). You have until 1st March 2021 (17:15) to indicate on your CAO application that you wish to apply for the Higher Education Access Route or Disability Access Route to Education and complete all elements of the HEAR form. Any supporting documentation required must arrive to CAO by 1st April 2021 (17:15).

Trinity Access Programme-Foundation Course for Young Adults 2021-22

The Trinity Access Programme is a programme that prepares students to go on and study for a degree in Trinity College - keep posted to the TAP website for application procedures information.

ITB Reach Access Programme 2021-22

Applications for the IT Blanchardstown Reach Programme can be downloaded once application process opens from ITB website. Closing date is 6th April 2021.

SUSI 2021-22

Applications for the SUSI, the student grant opens April 2021. Click on this link to see SUSI Video,
***It is important to check out and have all your information collected together and ready in good time for when you have to submit your application***