BITE / DCU Voluntary Maths Tuition

Our annual BITE / DCU Voluntary Maths tuition programme is taking place again this year.We are currently recruiting DCU Volunteer Tutors and classes will start on Wednesdays October 2021 and run over selected weeks until April 2022. If you would like help with your Maths pop in to see the Programme Director in the BITE office.

BITE Tuition BITE Tuition BITE Tuition

On-Line Maths Tuition Support

There is lots of FREE support available to help with Maths - sometimes a different view/explanation of topics you are finding hard to grasp can help - here are some free on-line maths sites that you might find helpful

Tips on handling maths exams nerves Anxiety - you're not alone !!! - World of Math On-Line




www.The Free Math

www.The Free Math Tutor - You / Maths-video