New BITE Scholarship students

BITE/Maureen Smithwick Academic Scholarship Students

Congratulations to the following students (the fifth group) who were successful in getting places on the BITE/Maureen Smithwick Academic Scholarship - Stephanie Basnett, Chloe Caulfield, Elanor Gallagher, Precious Okonkwo, Lauren Ormsby, Danka Gaidos, Leigha O'Reilly Hughes, Rebecca Geraghty, Ema Gusic, Dillon O'Brien, Sean Tuke and Kelly O'Gorman. They are coming towards the end of 5th year and preparing for the final year of study for Leaving Cert examinations in June 2018.

The fourth group - Leah Carey, Katie Darcy, Chloe Staunton, Carla Geary, Pavel Gaidos, Alex Ciui, Olivia Cunningham, Anita Maughan and Darren Keville are working hard for their Leaving Cert Exams in June 2017.

The third group of students on the BITE/Maureen Smithwick Academic Scholarship - Rokas Buika, Gheorghe Burac, Gabriele Dovydaite, Josif Gaidos, Daria Lipczynsk, Ciara Price, Eva Drum, Andrew Walsh, Margarita Gligor, Leesha McKenzie and Adam Clews are approaching the end of their first year in higher education - we wish them well in their upcoming exams.

The second group of the BITE/Maureen Smithwick Academic Scholarship students- Anita Wielgus, Carla Troy, Kelsey Dunne, Sammie Dunne, Sarah Folwer, Shannon Carter, Lauren Wilson, Leon Doyle, Dean Fagan, Amy Carroll and Kieron McDonnell - to those facing into their 2nd year exams, we wish them well.

The first group of eleven BITE/Maureen Smithwick Academic Scholarship students - Andrew Buckley, Leon Dowd, Tomás Dowd, Dylan Geraghty, Adam Jenkins, Brian Judge, Kaya Kulikowska, James McDonald, Gemma McMahon, Louise Moloney and Mirza Sultanov are completing their third year of Higher Education. We wish success in their exams and in their future careers.